Nomalab for content owners

Feed and manage your stock, distribute easily

Considering internalising storage and material servicing?
Doing it in a safe and proper way takes a lot of human, technical and financial resources.

Considering outsourcing to a service provider?
You are no longer in direct control.

Nomalab offers a new path.

Keep in control without technical hassles and investment

Forget about the hot/cold storage dilemma

You no longer need to move your assets between storage types and classes, nor to bother about future compatibility and regeneration of tape archives.

Nomalab manages storage for you in the AWS cloud while giving you and authorised users instant access to the actual content without handling files.

All in the browser

Immediate frame-accurate play of all content in stock, validation, comments, metadata, secured sharing, delivery "as is" or "on-spec", real-time activity monitoring … it all happens in your browser without having to bother about technicalities.

Autonomy or managed service

You decide how you to manage your stock. You can either be autonomous or have the Nomalab "Ops" team manage operations on your behalf as per your instructions.

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Safety and durability

Your programme is an asset. As such, it is precious and must be kept safe and at the same time always remain rapidly usable.

Nomalab safely and securely preserves your assets. They are automatically replicated in at least 3 distinct and independent data centers, providing 99.999999999% durability by design.

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All types of material for all types of deals

Master access

When a deal stipulates that the acquiring party access your masters, access can be granted immediately for a precise duration and revoked at any time. All accesses are secured and logged.

Your authorised partner can play the actual content online before any file is actually moved.


On-spec delivery

When the deal requires, the Nomalab platform creates deliverable files matching the exact specifications of any broadcaster or VOD publisher or distributor and delivers them anywhere in the world.

If a destination or their specifications do not already exist on the platform, we will create them.

The compliance of each deliverable file to the applicable specifications is automatically verified.

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Zero capex, zero investment

No lead time

You can start storing and delivering with Nomalab immediately, for all or part of your catalogue.

Nomalab designs with you the best migration strategy for your legacy stock.

Realistic pricing

Nomalab proposes several subscription tiers to accommodate your stock's size and growth, with accesses and deliveries included.

Your business and of your catalogue can grow limitless without requiring any hardware or software investment.

Verification of new assets

Nomalab makes it easier to receive material pertaining to new mandates and provides master quality verification services, as per your quality criteria.

Verification report


The Nomalab "Ops" support team can be reached directly from within the application's chat, by phone or by email and accompanies all users.

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