Conservation & storage

Safe, limitless, at your finger tips

Nomalab brings you the unlimited power of the cloud to safely and securely store your assets while making content playable at any time and keeping you in control.

The end of the hot/cold storage dilemma

With Nomalab, you no longer need to juggle between storage devices and methods and keep multiple versions to just be able to play actual content. Nomalab automatically takes care of storage depth while you can play and share actual content at any time in your browser, without moving any file.

Safety and durability

Your files are kept as objects in the AWS cloud. Data is replicated across a minimum of 3 distinct and independent data centers. Consistency and integrity of data are continuously checked.

With such object storage, durability reaches 99.999999999% by design (ie a probability of losing one unique object once every 10,000 years).

Optionally, your assets can be replicated across a second AWS region (hence a minimum of 6 data centers).


Cloud storage by essence provides high-resilience and high-availability infrastructures.

Storing with Nomalab is de facto part of your DR plans.

Full control and transparency


Our reversibility terms are transparent and ensure you remain in control of your assets and that you can easily recover them should the contract end.


Pricing is simple and based on volume tiers and your distribution needs.

Full human verification upon ingest (for content owners)

Nomalab makes it easier to receive material pertaining to new mandates and provides master quality verification services, as per your quality criteria.