Distribution & deliveries

Any deliverable file from any source, anywhere in the world

Nomalab removes the complexity of files and deliveries

The Nomalab platform creates deliverable files from any source to the exact specifications of any broadcaster, VOD publisher or distributor and delivers them anywhere in the world.

The compliance of each deliverable file is automatically checked against its destination's specification.

If a destination or their specifications do not already exist on the platform, we will create them.

If your delivery requires providing an "as is" master file, it can be either downloaded or pushed using a variety of protocols.

Content discovery

On Nomalab, the actual content of any source or deliverable can be played, with subtitles, at high-quality in our frame-accurate player, without any user having to handle any file locally.

Nomalab requires no software installation, nothing else than a web player and Internet access for you to immediately benefit from the power of the platform, wherever you are.


The Nomalab "Ops" support team can be reached directly from within the application chat, by telephone or by email.

Mastering & master verification

Nomalab can also assemble your masters from separate finished components (credits, episode body, signatures, etc.)

Nomalab also offers a full human verification of your masters prior to their exploitation.

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