Nomalab for producers

Deliveries to all destinations and conservation of your masters, all in your browser

Get rid of file complexity!

Deliver your content anywhere in the world at any specification

Whatever your master's file type, the Nomalab platform creates deliverable files to the exact specifications mandated by any broadcaster, VoD publisher or distributor and delivers them anywhere in the world.

If a destination or its specifications do not already exist on the platform, we will create them.

Files always compliant, zero rejection, guaranteed results

The compliance of each deliverable file to the applicable specifications is automatically verified.

Ultra-fast so that you always respect deadlines

On-spec HD deliverable files for TV or VoD are delivered in less than 6 hours (for a one-hour programme) from the moment the source is uploaded onto the platform.

All in your browser, no on-site handling of files

No software installation is required, you immediately benefit from the power of the Nomalab platform with only a web browser and Internet access.

You and your partners can play, comment or share the actual content with frame-accuracy, without handling any file locally.

You manage third-party accesses and you monitor all activity in real time.

How does it work?

Contact us for the creation of your secured account.

  1. Upload your source (master) file or have it uploaded.
  2. Play to verify the actual content.
  3. Select the destination and the expected audio version, launch the delivery process.

The Nomalab "Ops" support team can be reached directly from within the application chat, by telephone or by email.

Nomalab Ops can also manage your deliveries on your behalf (learn more about managed service).


And also … mastering & human QC

Nomalab can also assemble your masters from separate finished components (credits, episode body, signatures, etc.)

Nomalab also offers a full human verification of your masters prior to their exploitation.


And also … safe and secure conservation

Your programme is an asset. As such, it is precious and must be kept safe and at the same time always remain rapidly usable.

Nomalab safely and securely preserves your asset files. They are automatically replicated in at least 3 distinct and independent data centers.

With Nomalab, you can forget about the obsolete dilemma of hot/cold storage : the actual content of all your files can be played and securely shared at any time on, without requiring any file manipulation or dealing with storage devices.

Learn more about Conservation