Autonomy or managed service

Your choice

Every organisation is singular, so you have the choice to be autonomous on the platform for day-to-day operations or to delegate them to our Nomalab “Ops” team.


Nomalab is a web platform and requires no software installation at your end. A simple web browser and an internet connection are all you need to control its unlimited power to:

  • Organise content into collections, seasons, episodes or unique titles.
  • Invite third-parties to upload source files, view and play content or download assets, in a secured manner.
  • Collaborate, qualify, validate and comment content, with time-code accuracy.
  • Browse and search in your stock.
  • Launch the creation and delivery of any type of deliverable files, for any destination worldwide.
  • Monitor all jobs in real time.

Managed Service

When you opt for managed service, our Ops team will perform job launch operations on your behalf as per your instructions.

Managed service is a chargeable option subject to a simple fee structure.