Nomalab: The model and the experience

Merging digital media, web and cloud technologies for efficient content exchanges

We have founded Nomalab and designed the platform to remove the obstacles which hinder efficient and affordable content distribution and provisioning.

Why are content exchanges so complicated?

Media files are complex and exacting

Media files are complex and fragile IT objects.

Master files, pivot files for distribution, deliverable files expected by broadcasters and VOD publishers, mezzanine files feeding playout and publishing: they must all obey to the strict specifications of their owners and users.

The history of production, post-production, broadcasting and publishing technologies, the cultural legacies, the accumulation of standards over time … all of that translates today into a plethora of possible combinations (over 100,000!) of the many parameters that compose the technical specification of any source or deliverable file (container, codec, definition, frame rate, scanning, colour gamut, audio mapping, content layout, etc.).

This reality is structural and everlasting

Legacy supply chains ignore content gravity

They do not allow content discovery and validation without having files locally

Files have replaced tapes for years now.

Yet, they are still exchanged as if they were tapes merely stripped of their physical envelope. Current logistics continues to tediously hop them from point to point and from process to process (transcoding, verification, etc.), ignoring their gravity.

Those multiple transfers and processes are tedious and prevent content discovery. Editorial metadata are incomplete, wrong or just plain absent. It's only once after a file has been fully ingested into the destination's MAM that its actual content can be played, assessed and reconciled.

The result = file waste, late rejections and costly resources consumed to no avail

Classical methods are not scalable

Whether file processing is done on internal resources or farmed out to service providers, the technical means used essentially are hardware and commercial software.

Their scalability is inherently constrained both technically and by their licence models.

Coping with peaks and bursts or adjusting to growth or strategic change require investing and re-investing. Most often, the cloud is used only as a complementary infrastructure without actually benefitting from its essential advantages.

The consequences?

Material, delivery and provisioning costs are too high compared to programming sales and acquisition costs

All stake holders deeply need flexibility, scalability without limits, predictable quality whilst shortening timeframes, suppressing waste and reducing costs and capex usage.

Nomalab transforms the raw power of the cloud into a world-scale content management platform controlled from a simple web browser

100% web

The platform requires no software installation; it's usable without lead time using a simple web browser to access and validate content, collaborate and launch all jobs needed for distribution and provisioning, without handling any file locally.


The platform accepts any source file and creates deliverable files at any specification in one pass, then automatically checks their technical compliance and transfers them to their final destination point.


Nomalab's architecture is fully deployed in the cloud. Each job and process spawns the required instances, for the time necessary and without capacity limits. Each job is independent from all other jobs. Files are stored in a minimum of 3 AZs (Availability Zones). Incoming and outgoing bandwidth is not limited.

User support

The platform is supported by the Nomalab "Ops" team, who assist all users in their use of the platform and their business needs.

The "Ops" team uses the same platform as all users and shares the same experience.


The platform is ready for integration with your existing systems, for maximum automation of exchanges and deliveries.

Experience proven benefits

Reduced distribution and provisioning costs.

Zero capex, no lead time.

Unlimited volumes without planning or booking.

Early content assessment and validation without file movements.

Maximum automation.

Zero waste, zero rejection.

Our team, our code

Nomalab is designed, developed and operated by a multi-discipline team bringing together the knowledge, skills and experience of distribution, broadcasting, digital media and web & cloud technologies.

Nomalab runs and maintains its own code developed internally.


Industry support

Nomalab is an innovative company supported by RIAM (Réseau pour l'Innovation dans l'Audiovisuel & le Multimedia), a CNC and BPIFrance funding initiative.