About the last update

🙌 Automated delivery from the program segmentation. No more need to set up a mark-in or mark-out for each delivery!

✍️ Create your segments: in the verification report tab, define once and for all the different components of your program, using our frame accurate player (program, neutral bases, ad-breaks..)

📝 Note

When you are using Nomalab's “Human verification” service, we perform this segmentation on your behalf

🚀 When you deliver your file, choose the required segment(s): Program only, program+neutral bases, trailer.. you pick what you need to deliver from the list and Nomalab will create a file accordingly and deliver to your destination. Less clicks for more efficiency 😎

🧩 Automated audio layback from separated audio files

🔊 Do you need to use separated audio with your video file to create a new deliverable with a new audio version? : qualify the separated audio you have added to your master folder and just deliver as if the separated audio were part of the video source file. Nomalab creates the file accordingly

📝 Note

This feature requires that the separated audio files and video source files are perfectly synchronised.

🌍 Audio menu is now international

🎤 Modification to our audio qualification system glossary? : With this new release, we are now using "original version" and "dubbed version" to define the audio streams (in addition to the languages of course), so every language can be delivered to any country. Nomalab delivers globally 😎

✏️ Enhanced subtitling qualification

📁 SDH, full, full without partials, partials... : With our new refined menu, you can now precisely qualify your different subtitles on Nomalab enhancing the visibility of your subtitle stock!

✏️ Automated subtitle conversion to your destination specs

🛠 Open to teletext conversion / TC IN from 10h to 00 h... : Nomalab can now set up the subtitle conversion to the destination’s specifications, as simply as we do for the video file. You don't need to manage subtitle deliveries manually any more. (if your destination accepts to received it with the video files)

📝 Note

This feature requires the subtitles and the video source files to be perfectly synchronised, with a number of characters per line matching your destination’s requirements