Delivering animation series worldwide

...on time, on budget, with zero rejections

What’s at stake

Your whole production organization is driven by one objective: the respect of production schedules, which is critical for your financing.

As soon as a batch of episodes is completed and approved, it must be delivered without delay, risks or surprises to all your production partners worldwide: broadcasters, vod platforms, distributors, coproducers.

Each of them have their own technical specifications, unique amid a multitude of possible formats.

Managing such complexity is a trade on its own, quite different from post.

Why such a plethora of formats?


138 240 possible specifications for any master or deliverable file

That’s only considering basic parameters. TC origin, language version, subtitles, etc. make things even more complicated.

Before Nomalab

Some domestic deliveries could be made using internal resources or your post facility. Nevertheless, they consume time and careful attention.

The model and infrastructure of conventional labs and facilities impose delays up to several days even for limited volumes with unpredictable results.

You’re kept in the dark: you can neither monitor work in progress nor play the actual content of files.

What if you’d only need to…

  • drop your masters in a web page
  • and click to create files at spec and deliver them.

Nomalab enables that, and more.


All logistics & servicing on a web platform

Any transcoding or conversion from any source for any delivery anywhere in the world.

In less than 6 hours, without booking in any quantity, always compliant.

With true play of actual content, real-time validation and collaboration.

And our support team at your side.

All logistics & servicing on a web platform

ANIMATION | Delivering a serie, on time, on budget, with no rejections.
While producing an animation serie, meeting delivery deadlines is mandatory. It conditions collections and partners satisfaction (co-producers, broadcasters...) However, despite these stakes... Current technical responses to deliverables (internal or external) are still insufficient: unpredictable results & deadlines, blind monitoring, unsuitable budgets ... Find out how Nomalab simplifies and industrializes the management of deliverables, for the greatest comfort of animation producers.
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