Provisioning for TV and VoD

Agnostic provisioning and easy validation at any scale, zero waste

Enable maximum flexibility for your programme providers, assess and validate actual content pre-ingest without file handling, receive only OK compliant files for playout and publishing.

Nomalab is source-agnostic

With Nomalab, you no longer need to impose in-house specs to content providers and to verify that incoming files technically comply.

From any source type, the Nomalab platform creates and verifies files that comply with your in-house specifications.

You only have to deal with editorial validation.

Validate actual content without handling files

As soon as a programme's source file is on the platform, you can assess its actual content with frame-accuracy, validate, reject or comment on it. Editorial issues can be detected at the earliest, removing subsequent emergency and useless file waste.

Your teams need nothing more than a web browser to use the platform.

Deliverable or mezzanine files always OK

Whatever the source file, the Nomalab platform will create deliverable files complying to your specification for play out or publishing (container, essences, loudness, audio mapping, TC origin, etc.).

Nomalab also normalises subtitle files and you can verify proper sync directly on Nomalab. You can trigger burning subtitles in image when necessary.


You use the platform as your own organisation requires in terms of content hierarchy, reception from third parties, content validation, version qualification, triggering final delivery and transfers, team collaboration etc.


Nomalab runs on a cloud-native, fully distributed web architecture.

Each and every job is independent, thousands of jobs can be launched simultaneously: conforming and delivering hundreds of episodes takes just as much time as processing one.


The Nomalab API or specific integrations enable metadata and media exchanges automation with your existing systems.

Resilient by design

With our web and cloud infrastructure comes the highest level of resilience and availability.